Banana-Nut Cereal

breakie3 300x275 Banana Nut Cereal

I don’t know about you, but it’s time for me to shed my winter “buffer”.

With shorts-season upon us and the lovely weather in tow, my nose is being becoming increasingly well-acquainted with the grindstone.

With that said, my body just underwent a physical and emotional massacre at the gym. And, as I sit here contemplating never leaving the couch ever again, my wonderful other half is in the kitchen, whipping up a salad full of secret surprises.

As delish as salads can be, sometimes a warm bowl of something comforting is just the ticket. But what if this comforting dish could also be healthy? Ohhh, it’s possible.

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“Kitchen Sink” Cookie Dough Dip

kitchen sink dip 300x275 Kitchen Sink Cookie Dough Dip

Goodness gracious. Another healthy cookie dough dip??!

Yes, and, you’re welcome.

If you haven’t tried the chocolate chip cookie dough, carrot cake, chocolate, and/or snickerdoodle dips, you truly best hop on the dessert-hummus-locomotive. It travels to magical places; places that one can only dream of.

This gorgeous delight is sweetened with dates, rather than any refined sugar(s), and boasts a wonderful array of add-ins.

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