White Chocolate & Orange Cookies

creamsicle cookies1 300x275 White Chocolate & Orange Cookies

You know when you are presented with a cookie and you automatically start doing the quick mental math in your vain attempts at deciding whether or not said cookie is splurge-worthy?

Well, I’m going to save you the headache and heartache (should you have mistakenly miscategorized these little guys), and let you know, from the pinnacle of my soapbox, that they are worth every calorie.

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healthy cookies3 300x275 HEALTHY Cookies

With November right around the corner, I don’t particularly want to eat a salad.

Not that I don’t or won’t eat said salad, but it doesn’t get my soul ‘a pirouettin’ atm.

With the onset of darker days and colder weather, I am finding myself in the kitchen baking up lots of delicious sweet treats.

The balancing act is being able to bake delicious yet not altogether un-nutritious foods. Recently, I have managed to walk that tight rope rather adeptly without totally falling off into the sugary/fatty abyss.

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