Sugar Shapes

sugar hearts4 300x275 Sugar Shapes

You know what’s classy?

DIY sugar cubes. (*clearly uses the term “cube” rather loosely..*)

Customizable, easy, and beautiful, these sugar shapes should probably grace your Christmas dinner table this year.

sugar hearts1 300x275 Sugar Shapes

Hmm. That’s all I got…

C’mon Christmas break!

Just know: they’re awesome. And they’re cute. And they’d make a lovely little gift. And my brain is out to lunch.

sugar hearts3 300x275 Sugar Shapes

On a slightly related note, my brain has zero retention for the mold/mould differentiation. I pretty much get it wrong every.single.time. = distressing for someone who prides herself on her spelling abilities. Ouf. I’m off to study my flash cards.

In the interim, enjoy these wee darlings.

sugar hearts 300x275 Sugar Shapes

Sugar Shapes

1 cup sugar (white or brown or both)
Silicone moulds

1. Place sugar in a bowl. Add water a few drops at a time, stirring after each addition. You are looking for a paste-like consistency; too much water and you’ll melt your sugar, too little sugar and the shapes won’t hold up.
2. When you have achieved the sugar paste, transfer your sugar into your awaiting moulds. Press the sugar in nice and tight.
3. Allow the sugar shapes to dry, out in the open and uncovered, overnight.
4. When they are dry, carefully unmould and store in an airtight container.

sugar hearts2 300x275 Sugar Shapes