Fresh Juice Popsicles

popsicle 300x275 Fresh Juice Popsicles

You know what’s really fun?

Visiting every jewelry store in your vicinity and not finding a wedding ring that you can envision yourself wearing.

You know what else is fun?

Literally scouring the internet for wedding rings, looking at 2000+ styles, and not finding a ring that you like.

You know what is actually fun? (*sarcasm starts to dwindle*)

fun 238x300 Fresh Juice Popsicles

Finally finding a ring that is beautiful, a bit different, within your budget, and the right size.

You know what’s not fun? (*fully genuine*)

Ordering the ring, anxiously waiting 3+ weeks for delivery, going to the post office to pick up the package, excitedly opening it up in the car, and VOILA! finding the jewelry box torn and empty.

Ring 238x300 Fresh Juice Popsicles

Oh, and conjointly breaking out into a cold sweat, having a heart attack, suffering from an aneurism, and vomiting in your mouth.

Further un-fun things:
1. having to call the company and hoping that they believe you when you say that your package was empty.
2. waiting to find out if you’re going to be issued a refund.
3. going back to the ring-drawing board when it was, clearly, so difficult to settle on a style in the first place.

juices3 300x275 Fresh Juice Popsicles

Good thing that I counteracted the disaster of yesterday’s emotional tailspin with a trip to the gym and a fresh juice popsicle.

Therapy at its finest.

These popsicles are made from freshly squeezed fruit juice and can be made with any combination of flavours.

popsicle1 300x275 Fresh Juice Popsicles

No additional sugars and control over what goes in them makes these popsicles as healthy as they are pretty.

All’s well that ends well.

popsicle21 300x275 Fresh Juice Popsicles

Fresh Juice Popsicles

Stevia, optional

1. Juice the watermelon, cucumber, and oranges in separate batches. Keep them separated in clean containers. I stirred a small amount of stevia into the cucumber juice to sweeten the little darling up a bit. This step is totally discretionary.
2. Starting with whichever flavour floats your boat, fill your popsicle molds 1/3 full. Place them in the freezer until fully frozen. Don’t rush this step – allow the first layer to freeze completely prior to trying to pour in your second flavour…I got a bit over-zealous and prematurely poured in the cucumber juice before the watermelon had frozen and I ended up with a tasty, murky, mess.
3. When the first layer is frozen, pour in your second juice up to the 2/3 point of your mold. Tightly cover your mold with tin foil. Using a sharp knife, gently make tiny incisions  (the width of your popsicle stick) in the tin foil where you would like your popsicle sticks to go. Insert popsicle sticks in the spaces you’ve made. This will allow the sticks to stand upright and to freeze into the second layer. Return to the freezer and allow to fully freeze.
4. When frozen, remove the mold(s) from the freezer, remove the tin foil and pour in your last juice, all the way to the top of the mold. Return to the freezer and allow the popsicles to set.

juices1 300x275 Fresh Juice Popsicles

Delish. Refreshing. Healthy.

Summer on a stick.

  • Linda

    That sad face broke MY heart :(

    However, “summer on a stick” definitely brought my smile back!

    • Alison

      Aww :( xo
      Free-handing that crude drawing was pretty fun though!!

  • Rob

    2 things.

    1- the vomit in your mouth to top off all the other physical reactions made me laugh out loud for a solid 10 seconds. thanks.

    2- that dot looks nothing like your pignose. i made it one word for different vocalizations.. some people might opt for “niuh”…

    • Rob

      oh, and actually on topic, these are genius. especially with the aiken family juice kick! i was running out of fridge space; now i can store some in the freezer. sami, imma comin’!

    • Alison

      everything about this response is well done.

  • soycandlemaker

    :S Sounds like a nightmare. Did they believe you and give you a refund??

    • Alison

      *fingers crossed*
      I think so!
      Thanks for asking :)