Summer Rolls (Vegan)

summer roll4 300x275 Summer Rolls (Vegan)

Perhaps you have heard about the student protests going on in Quebec of late…? The government wants to increase tuition fees and the students have been rebelling ever since that plan became public knowledge.

The protests have gone from bordering-on-being-peaceful street demonstrations to embarrassingly-chaotic metro and traffic disruptions to masses of people prowling the streets and banging kitchen equipment.

Being a recent graduate from University in Quebec, I have been, repeatedly, asked for my stance on the subject.

My response?

I have much better uses for my time and for my kitchen utensils.

summer roll7 300x275 Summer Rolls (Vegan)

So as thousands swarmed the streets of Montreal in protest, I protested the protest by staying home and whipping up these lovely, vegan, summer rolls.

Time better spent, I think.

These are light and refreshing, and can be customized according to your tastes and to what you happen to have on hand.

A few days ago, I hit up an organic grocer and filled my bags with their fresh Summer produce. All of which ended up being integrated into these beautiful, and healthy, rice paper rolls.

summer roll2 300x275 Summer Rolls (Vegan)

summer roll1 300x275 Summer Rolls (Vegan)

Rather than to surround myself with angry protesters, I sat on my couch with my fiancee and a pile of these organic salad rolls; where we enjoyed a peacefully-calm evening.

Because that’s how I roll.

summer roll5 300x275 Summer Rolls (Vegan)

Summer Rolls (Vegan)

Rice papers
Carrots, julienned
Cucumber, julienned
Radishes, julienned
Red cabbage, sliced
Alfalfa sprouts
Pea shoots
Green onions, sliced on a bias
Mango, julienned
Mint leaves
Cilantro leaves

1. Working one roll at a time, soften your rice papers in a shallow pan of warm water. When pliable, remove the rice paper from the water and place it flat on a cutting board.
2. Pile your fillings up in the middle of the rice paper, leaving a wide edge.

summer roll 300x275 Summer Rolls (Vegan)

3. Fold the sides up over the fillings and then fold the bottom up over the center. Roll up completely to encase the fillings.

summer roll6 300x275 Summer Rolls (Vegan)

4. Repeat.

We like to dip our summer rolls in the same Thai peanut sauce that I use to dress my Asian Coleslaw. SUPER delish.

summer roll3 300x275 Summer Rolls (Vegan)

  • Linda

    These look fabulous – delicious and so colourful (and peaceful :)

    • Alison

      Peaceful, indeed! :)

  • Erica Julson

    These look great! Love summer rolls, and I’ll definitely be adding mango to my next batch :)

    • Alison

      The mango adds a lovely sweetness and a different texture. Highly recommended!

  • Diana Destounis

    Congratulations! They look so delicious and I am definitely going to try these! Coincidentally, I found this on FoodGawker and then saw it was your site! I recently made these but mine always end up being soggy but I noticed yours and others are always on the dry side. How do I avoid the rice wrappers being so wet? What am I doing wrong?

    • Gourmamy

      How hot is the water that you are using? I have found that lukewarm water used just until they are pliable works best.

    • Alison

      Oh! How fun :)
      I place them in warm water and then, when they are softened, remove them from the pan and hold them up in the air (as though I’m inspecting a garment) to let them drip dry for a few seconds. Then I place them onto my work surface, keeping them as flat and as wrinkle-free as possible before going ahead and filling/rolling them up.

  • http://FewMinuteWonders srimathi

    My daughter loves these. I make a spicy version of it. Beautiful clicks.

    • Alison

      Thank you so much!

  • Elena

    Hi!! I’m Elena, from Spain. And I’m a great lover of our traditional Spanish cuisine. I have just discovered your blog, and I want to share mine with you. You can read all the recipes in English, because it has a translator gadget. I hope you like it!!! Best regards,

    Elena ;o))

  • Manda

    Yum!! They look beautiful.

    • Alison

      Thank you :D

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  • Linda

    They look like beautiful bouquets of flowers

    • Alison

      Lovely imagery!

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  • O’Dea

    Thank you for this! I was always afraid to try and make this. I tried yesterday…and they are soooo good and healthy. I mixed up the ingredients a bit..but the cilantro made it!

    • Alison

      Oh! I am so glad to hear that you gave summer rolls a shot. The rice papers sometimes rebel against being rolled and adhered, but, perfect or not, they are always delish!

  • Amy VanWyk

    Can these be made ahead of time? Like a few hours or a day?

    • Alison

      I would say a few hours would be fine, but after a day, the rice paper wrappers harden up.

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