Brown Rice Pudding w/ Coconut Milk

rice pudding6 300x275 Brown Rice Pudding w/ Coconut Milk

As a child, rice pudding never really appealed to me. I mean, let’s be honest with ourselves, the notion of pre-cooked white rice which has been lightly-sweetened, bathed in dairy, and baked…

Yeeaaaahhhh, I’ll pass, but thanks.

Recently, however, I have become obsessed with all things coconut and, arbitrarily, began fantasizing about the notion of coconut milk rice pudding.

rice pudding5 300x275 Brown Rice Pudding w/ Coconut Milk

My, seemingly, out-of-the-blue rice pudding craving only gained momentum when I volunteered to help my younger brother cook a meal for his seniors’ lunch program. It was a delicious vegetarian meal for which a traditional rice pudding was the delicious caboose.

My mission, immediately thereafter, was to whip up a tasty, untraditional, rice pudding to satisfy my unshakable, and newly-reinforced, craving.

Oh, and I wanted to use brown rice.

Being a novice rice-puddinger, I opted to do a quick recipe search online with my checklist in tow.

The heavens opened up when I found the basis for this recipe, and the angels sang when I gave my final product a taste.

Craving: deliciously-satiated.

rice pudding3 300x275 Brown Rice Pudding w/ Coconut Milk

Brown Rice Pudding w/ Coconut Milk

Adapted from The Witchy Kitchen

2 1/4 cups precooked short grain brown rice
1 3/4 cups coconut milk (14oz can)
1/4 cup + 2 Tbsp soy or dairy milk
4-5 Tbsp agave syrup
1 1/4 Tbsp corn starch
1 tsp cinnamon
1 1/2 tsp vanilla extract
1/4 cup semi-sweet chocolate chips

1/4 cup shredded coconut

1. In a pot over medium heat, whisk together the coconut milk, soy milk and agave syrup.
2. Turn the heat up and whisk in the corn starch and the cinnamon.
3. Place the precooked rice in the milk and bring to a low simmer. Once the mixture begins to simmer, allow it to do so for 3-4 minutes stirring constantly.
4. Remove from the heat and mix in the vanilla.

5. Place in dishes, sprinkle with chocolate chips and shredded coconut, and serve warm (or chill for an hour & a half before serving).

rice pudding 300x275 Brown Rice Pudding w/ Coconut Milk

Problematically, this is not only delish, but also incredibly easy. I’m unfortunately now going to have to work even harder to leave my rice pudding fantasies in my dust. Orrr, invest in a bulk-stash of brown rice and coconut milk. Probably, I’ll choose the latter; the path of delicious-least-resistance.

  • Linda

    And yet your older brother and your father were rice pudding lovers…..and now your younger brother brings you on board, albeit in your own way :)

    Looking forward to trying this….I can definitely see the appeal of the coconut milk!

    • admin

      YES! That is the memory that I have of rice pudding; you taking it out of the oven and the men waiting anxiously :)

  • Justin

    My girlfriend literally shrieked when she saw this recipe. Which I guess means I’m going to be making it!

    • admin

      She sounds like my kinda gal! :)